Was the boot camp I worked for a scam?

by Robin Thomas | at MinneBar 12 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Harriet | View Schedule

I taught at General Assembly, a coding "boot camp", for a year and a half. Some of my students went on to do well. Some didn't.

I'm self-taught, which means I sold something that I got for free.

What's the difference between someone who learns code through a class, someone who learns code on their own, and someone who can't learn code at all?

Is it a question of book smarts, teacher quality, student discipline, or destiny where some people are just "meant" to be programmers?

I'll draw on my experience to make bold assertions about why coding education is the way it is.

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Robin Thomas

I never expected to get into computers. My past jobs include cook, dry-erase board salesman, and mascot for a minor league baseball team. They also include API Support Supervisor, Lead Web Development Instructor, and currently Solutions Architect for MentorMate. I like my job because it lets me have really strong opinions about technology and development. RobertAKARobin.com robin.thomas@mentormate.com