Panel: Moving your CareerFORWARD Through Networking and Professional Development.

by Dan Rohda, Greg LaFrance, and Steve Boehm | at MinneBar 11 | 9:55 – 10:45 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

What happens when you get seasoned professionals from IT, Sales, Marketing, HR and Operations in a room? You a have a framework to share best practices in career development or perhaps even start a company! The business community is constantly evolving, and as a result of that many highly qualified IT and business professionals find themselves either wanting to grow professionally, needing a new challenge or in a period of transition.

Come join a panel discussion hosted by members of CareerFORWARD ( We will share the history of this group, and how it has helped its members to move forward with their career. Come ready to engage in discussion about identifying your top talents, networking and sharing best practices to help people along in their career journey.

All levels

Dan Rohda

Dan is a proven people-focused leader with over twenty years of experience driving innovative solutions in customer operations and professional services. He has a passion for driving both employee engagement and excellent service. Dan has been recognized by teams and staff for his ability to build a strong corporate culture that leads to positive outcomes for the organization and the individuals contributing to its success. He has helped his teams grow professionally, and implemented service technologies to move his team and customers forward.

Greg LaFrance

Greg is an accomplished Business Development leader with expertise in producing record revenue and net income growth in a variety of markets and industries. An energetic, collaborative professional who identifies commonalities between people and companies to build rapport, influence change and recruit new talent. Greg has expertise in analyzing, appraising and improving business strategies with creative customer centric solutions. He has hired and recruited hundreds of “A” player channel partners, sales reps, distributors and dealers. Greg knows what it takes to be successful, deliver results and build winning teams.

Steve Boehm

Steve is a proven global marketer, business leader and project manager with over 25 years of successful growth in a B2B environment. He has a passion in developing cross functional teams, developing new products and customer engagement. Steve’s leadership style, builds trust and helps provide stability and guides the team strategically toward profitable results. Networking is a natural way to increase your industry knowledge as well as expand your customer base.