Panel: Customer Engagement Starts & Ends With Your People!

by Dan Rohda, Matthew Kay, Eric A. Zerwas, and Greg LaFrance | at MinneBar 11 | 9:00 – 9:50 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

We live in a new world of customer engagement where businesses need to scale their organizations and do more with less. This is often accomplished by improving processes or leveraging technology to service their customers. Regardless, we do need to keep in mind that at both ends of any technology solution or process are people.

Join us for a panel discussion on how to best drive forward with a service accessibility strategy that does not diminish the customer experience, but rather enhances it. Our panel will include business professionals with experience in knowledge management & self service, customer success & account management, operations leadership and recruiting.

Come ready not only to hear from our panelists, but to share your thoughts and questions on how to drive best practices in customer engagement in the technology driven world we live in. Whether your are a business of ten or ten thousand, delivering customer experience excellence is critical to success!

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Dan Rohda

Dan is a proven people-focused leader with over twenty years of experience driving innovative solutions in customer operations and professional services. He has a passion for driving both employee engagement and excellent service. Dan has been recognized by teams and staff for his ability to build a strong corporate culture that leads to positive outcomes for the organization and the individuals contributing to its success. He has helped his teams grow professionally, and implemented service technologies to move his team and customers forward.

Matthew Kay

Matthew has extensive communication, IT and healthcare education experience. His diverse background and education give him the ability and skills needed to develop strong relationships both internally and externally. His knowledge of what customers need and method of engagement makes him an asset on every project. Matthew empowers users to be self sufficient and yet comfortable reaching out on any need. His passion for all things customer service, training, quality improvement driving toward a loyal client base make him a leader in the field.

Eric A. Zerwas

Eric comes with decades of combined experience working with clients in detailed creative mediums, spanning from starting out in the competitive world of portrait photography and video production, to working as a Multimedia Training Coordinator and Content Strategist for software companies here in the Twin Cities. On top of his love of creating and producing in-house training, promotional, and post-event videos, Eric’s passion for breaking down and simplifying complex processes and delivering them in a visual, easy-to-understand, digestible format, is definitely one of the main reasons he gets up every day excited to go to a job he absolutely loves.

Greg LaFrance

Greg is an accomplished Business Development leader with expertise in producing record revenue and net income growth in a variety of markets and industries. An energetic, collaborative professional who identifies commonalities between people and companies to build rapport, influence change and recruit new talent. Greg has expertise in analyzing, appraising and improving business strategies with creative customer centric solutions. He has hired and recruited hundreds of “A” player channel partners, sales reps, distributors and dealers. Greg knows what it takes to be successful, deliver results and build winning teams.