Animating on the Web in a Post-Flash World - 2016 Edition

by Ted Kusio | at MinneBar 11 | 11:45 – 12:35 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

Now that even Adobe has killed Flash (by renaming it "Animate"), there's no reason to use it anymore, right? Besides, we have the HTML5 Canvas, and WebGL, and CSS3 Transforms, and JavaScript, and faster computers, and...!

Well, we do have all that and more, but there are still challenges to easily create dynamic, interactive, web-friendly animation. For the most part the challenge is simply finding the right tool for the right job (such as CSS3 for UI animation), but you may also need a crystal ball to NOT use what's about to go away forever (such as Adobe Edge or and the animation engine).

I'll offer an overview of what I know, but hope to have this be more of a discussion, an open share: What works for you; what you need; can animators animate with code instead of timelines; and more.

Good overview on Web Animation Past, Present, and Future.

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Ted Kusio

Ted is a Creative Technology Director, Hybrid Designer/Developer, or whatever the groovy creative/technology title-of-the-week is.

His experience is rooted in web/app development and motion graphics in advertising/marketing industries. This includes: leading a team of enterprise software developers; teaching college students; juggling technology and creativity at/for some companies you've heard of, like The New York Times, Vogue, Macy's, and DDB.

People also seem to enjoy hearing that he has a dual degree in mechanical/aerospace engineer, as well as in music, and he also worked as an engineer at Boeing, and as a TV critic, that his site has samples of stuff he did in the past, and he should probably update it soon.