3D PARS - Medi[Bot] Initiative: Edutainment in 3D Printing and Advanced Robotics

by Mauris DeSilva | at MinneBar 11 | 9:00 – 9:50 in Texas | View Schedule

3D PARS is a growing virtual company that facilitates collaborative teams to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives. The scope of 3D PARS is larger than any single discipline, project or idea. 3D PARS’ goal is to connect innovators, provide them with resources, and support these teams as they expand health and medical technology. Through bringing together groups of experts from different fields, problems can be solved, needs can be addressed and research can be advanced in unimaginable ways. 3D PARS can be considered as a Virtual Launch Pad (VLP).

The use of 3D printing and robotic concepts varies across disciplines. For example, the use of multi-axis robotics in manufacturing, translational robotics in transportation, medical robotics as seen in robotic limbs, automated surgical systems, life support devices, military robotics for surveillance and for successful mission completion, and educational tools are few of the applications of robotics. What makes each of the robotic system very unique is the way how modular machinery components and the artificial intelligence are interfaced and deployed. One of 3D PARS goal is to develop curriculums to promote technology cross over. To do this, Medi[Bot] categorizes and identifies key modular components of robotics across disciplines, and teach how combining key components can lead to future innovations that would address biomedical needs.To promote technology cross over in the field of robotics, 3D PARS seeded the Medi[Bot] initiative. The Medi[Bot] initiative aims to develop a kid friendly sensory and interactive robotic device companion that tracks and encourages healthy physical and mental development. It is anticipated, that this powerful robotic device would combine the benefits of popular health tracking programs with learning and development apps in one interactive robotic care provider. The Medi[Bot] initiative is at early stages and in the process of forming the diverse team to include wide range of expertise and in preparation to pursue fund raising that are crucial steps for launching this initiative.

3D PARS envision that Medi[Bot] will evolve into a Rapid Self Diagnostic (RSD) System for home based centralized health information monitoring. The said robotic system would promote and assist cognitive development over lifespan of the user. Finally, for establishing said technology would need sustaining a Cohesively Functional Society by sustainable partnerships with healthcare providers, parents, school systems & educators, research institutions, policy & law makers and industry & investors.

In Summary, 3D PARS is a fairly new concept on how technology may be developed based on a felt need via sustainable partnerships.

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