Lean Startup within the Enterprise - is it really possible?

by Chad Thibodeau | at MinneBar 11 | 1:45 – 2:35 in Challenge | View Schedule

Lean Startup had taken over as the prevailing, new Development methodology used to maximize the potential customer adoption of a product/service/technology, while expending the minimal amount of resources and time. However, Lean Startup has been thought to mostly apply to small, emerging startups and organizations that don't have the overhead and beauracracy of the "typical Enterprise" technology company (think of IBM, HP, Dell). What we will propose during this session is that Lean Startup (alongside Agile) CAN exist within an enterprise-class company and furthermore, can demonstrate substantial value in comparison to more traditional "waterfall" or "phase-gate" development methods. Additionally, Lean Startup can drive a much closer unity between the different stakeholders such as Development, Product Management and Technical Sales since they are all working on much more aggressive timelines with constant iterations. This session will explore how Lean Startup is being successfully implemented within an Enterprise IT organization right here in the Twin Cities and we'll cover not only the good, but also some challenges that any organization deploying Lean Startup should consider.

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Chad Thibodeau

Chad Thibodeau is a Principal Product Manager in Veritas's CTO organization and will be leading PM efforts in their Innovation Labs for storage, containers and analytics. Chad has over 15 years experience in Product Management and Strategic Alliances with the past 11 years focused in Cloud Storage & Information Management. Chad has worked across a broad spectrum of companies ranging from startups—Cleversafe—to fortune 100 companies--Dell. Chad has also worked for companies within the telecommunications and defense industries including Comtech Telecommunications and Lockheed Martin. Chad has a BS in Engineering from Miami of Ohio and an MBA from ASU. In his spare time, Chad enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, mountain biking, hiking, exploring and bing-watching crime-TV shows.