—cancelled— Intro to FPV Racing

by Joel Stewart | at MinneBar 11 | 9:55 – 10:45 in Florida | View Schedule

This is not about Parrot or DJI drones.

This is about those flying multi-rotors that do 75* mph with a LCD strapped to your face, requiring precision flying skills as well as some soldering skills.

WARNING: serious addiction to a potentially expensive** hobby could occur as a result of attending this session.

In less than 45 minutes learn how to get a quad in the sky and immediately crashing it.

Topics we will cover:

  • The core acronyms and terminology of this hobby

  • The composition of a quadcopter

  • Where to get parts (cheap)

  • Flight Controller software options

  • Radios, frequencies, ranges, antennas, and other wireless stuff

  • The crazy fun stuff: FPV cameras, goggles, racing


  • A shopping list (or christmas wish list)***

  • Resources for building, flying and racing

  • How to not ruin this hobby for the rest of us

I will be bringing some fully-loaded quads, a radio and goggles for show-n-tell.****

* 75 is kind of the extreme ... 30mph is a more realistic speed.

** "Expensive" is of course relative. FPV flying machines can be thoroughly enjoyed for as little as $200. Of course, spending $2000 is a legitimate concern if you're not careful.

*** Suggestions on how to achieve "significant-other approval" for yet another hobby will not be covered. You're on your own. Good luck.

**** We will NOT be flying / crashing the quads at Best Buy. These are not toys and I have the scars to prove it. Plus our awesome government is kind of being a d*** about where we can fly these kick-a** vehicles and this is not the time / place for a protest.

I'm open to co-presenters!!! I am by no means an expert in this hobby and would welcome some more knowledge up on stage! DM me on Twitter: @Netizen01


Joel Stewart

Joel Stewart is currently contracting his Engineering services out in the Twin Cities.

He's worked in the Games Industry and Startups in Minnesota for 10 years.