Build a Self-Driving Car

by Daniel Feldman | at MinneBar 11 | 2:45 – 3:35 in Nokomis | View Schedule

In this session we'll build a self-driving car. Don't worry, not a full size one!

We'll talk about:

  • finding your position and orientation using GPS, mag, gyro, and accelerometer sensors

  • real-time guidance using PID

  • obstacle avoidance using proximity sensors

  • navigation on a map

  • long distance control using the cell network (using Minnesota's own Particle Electron)

And end it all with a demo -- a toy-sized car that you can send to different locations from your phone.


Daniel Feldman

I'm a software engineer working on open source network security stuff. Follow me @d_feldman on twitter, @dfeldman on BlueSky, or on Mastodon.