Multigenerational Data Science: Uniting Four Decades of Software.

by Pete Edstrom | at MinneBar 11 | 9:00 – 9:50 in Tackle | View Schedule

Even with technology, awesome doesn’t need to be new. See how I am building fancy charts in beautiful reports, using near-real-time data … with decades-old software!

In this session we’ll walk through the ancient (yet immensely relevant) technologies that I am using to generate data-rich PDF reports — straight from the command line. We’ll pull smart data out of the Harvest API, dumb data out of Google Sheets API. We’ll combine, aggregate, sort, and analyze the data with R Project. Then we’ll pull it all together by typesetting it with LaTeX into a presentable and repeatable format.

Stop by and see how this family of software cooperates to build an admirable presentation.

Software: The Classy Elders: - LaTeX (31 years old, born in 1985) - Make (39 years old, born in 1977) - CSV (44 years old, born in 1972)

Software: The Responsible Adults: - R Project (23 years old, born in 1993) - PDF (22 years old, born in 1993) - Ruby (21 years old, born in 1995)

Software: The Babies & Toddlers: - Harvest (10 years old, born in 2006) - Google Sheets (10 years old, born in 2006) - Knitr (4 years old, born in 2012)


Pete Edstrom

Generative AI | Prompt Engineering | Director of Technical Product at Optum | Team Builder & Problem Solver | 25 Years of Software Experience