—cancelled— Real Estate 101: Everything a Growing Startup Needs to Know

by Tyler Kollodge | at MinneBar 11 | 11:45 – 12:35 in Texas | View Schedule

Whether it's moving out of your basement and into office space for the first time, or accommodating rapid headcount growth as a fast-growing multi-million dollar company, real estate can be one of the most challenging facets for your company. It is often one of the largest costs for any company, right behind labor, and has also become one of the top ways to attract and retain talent. In a time when money and talent are of utmost importance, it is critical to get it right with your real estate.

This session will discuss the real estate process from beginning to end, covering all the bases regarding your company's real estate. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

*The first step once you've decided your company needs its own office space *How to find space that meets your budget while also establishing a company culture *How to determine your real estate budget *What you need to pay attention to in a lease *The real estate roadbumps that can be avoided *How to accommodate headcount growth or contraction, no matter how large of a company *The local and state economic incentives that are available to you and your company

This session is intended to be an open dialogue between the presenters and audience, so many more topics will likely be covered. The presenters have years of experience working with startups of all ages and sizes, and will be able to share countless stories of companies who were in the same situation many of you face, as well as how they handled the process. This will be a valuable session no matter what stage your company is at.

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