The mechanics behind maximizing Guitar Hero scores

by Dan Lew | at MinneBar 11

At a professional level, every video game engine requires knowing the rules inside out in order to abuse them for profit. Even a deceptively simple game like Guitar Hero can be manipulated in order to get ahead.

I'll go over some interesting math and algorithms that can be applied to maximize scores, as well the subtleties of the game engine that people used for points. (Yes, people wrote complex programs in order to solve Guitar Hero!) I'll also go over how you can catch people lying about their scores.


Dan Lew

Dan Lew has code in his DNA and has been speaking since he was two years old. He's focused these skills on development for the past decade, working on many large applications (FlightTrack, Expedia, Trello) as well as maintaining some open source libraries and applications. Currently he works on the circular economy at Rheaply.

When not speaking, he's silent.

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