Accel.MN - what 40 MN entrepreneurs taught us they needed

by Matt Otterstatter, Collin Graves, and Nick Guggenbuehl | at MinneBar 11 | 1:45 – 2:35 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Accel.MN is a totally free peer-to-peer learning platform for entrepreneurs. It starts with a selective cohort of 20 entrepreneurs who go through a 6-week program focused on startup best practices. The content is curated from world-class sources and provides opportunities to gain new insights for even the most experienced entrepreneur. The various guest speakers all have tremendous expertise with their specific topics. Most importantly, the speakers are all entrepreneurs themselves, sharing hard-won lessons.

At last year's MinneBar, we hosted a session called "Planning a Startup Accelerator in MN". We applied much of the feedback shared in that session to this new program. Now after finishing 2 cohorts of Accel.MN we have some interesting lessons to share back with the community about what MN entrepreneurs need to be successful.


Matt Otterstatter

Matt is an active investor, entrepreneur and Kauffman Fellow. Previously, he was an aerospace engineer and program manager in the defense industry, with a prior background in robotics and software development. He loves rockets and drones.

Collin Graves

Platform Engineer @Zipnosis. Partner @AccelMN. Advisor to several neat startups. Open source contributor. Wearer of sweaters.

Nick Guggenbuehl

This person hasn't yet added a bio.