Looking into the Crystal Ball: Using Google's Prediction API

by Justin Grammens | at MinneBar 11 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Calhoun | View Schedule

No longer do you need a team of data scientists and number crunchers. Thanks to the power of Google and their Open APIs we are now one step closer to predicting the future! This talk will give an overview of the Google Prediction API, how you can use it to analyze and train the system with large datasets, some of its strengths and weaknesses and we'll explore predicting the outcome of a variety of real-world situations!

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Justin Grammens

I live at the intersection of startups, education and leading communities on Applied AI and the Internet of Things.

I am the co-founder of Lab651 where I help companies use mobile apps, data and IoT devices. I am the owner and founder of Recursive Awesome, a data analytics company to help companies understand their customers through connected products us Artificial Intelligence and IoT Weekly, a free curated newsletter with industry expert perspectives on the Internet of Things. I am a co-founder of Arduino.MN and Code42, co-launched the first Internet of Things Hack Day in Minnesota @IoTHackday and a non-profit and 1,000+ person conference to promote the Internet of Things called IoTFuse.

I'm an adjunct professor at the University of Saint Thomas teaching a graduate-level course on the Internet of Things and an Industry Analyst at RT Insights on IoT Data Analytics.

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