Running your startup with APIs (accomplishing more with less code!)

by Ben Peter | at MinneBar 11 | 10:50 – 11:40 in Calhoun | View Schedule

When getting your startup off the ground, two of the biggest challenges are:

  • Managing your workflow - keeping track of customers/leads, handling orders, and other tasks that consume your time
  • Building your product - getting the coding done, or keeping your site running

There are a huge number of apps "in the cloud" which provide APIs that enable you to snap together solutions, which will free you from the repetitive tasks you perform on a daily basis - enabling you to spend more time with humans (potential customers!), and less time staring at your computer.

The quickest path towards your Minimum Viable Product may be something that can be built upon existing services and APIs - like these ten startups did.

This session will talk about the ways your startup can harness the breadth of existing APIs (and why it's important for existing companies to provide an API)


Ben Peter

Ben is an API wrangler, who loves assembling things into a grand-scale Rube Goldberg.

Presently working at Zapier, where he helps connect 1000+ different SaaS services that enable humans to get more accomplished.

In the nearly non-existant spare time, he works on new ways to connect lots of multi-colored LEDs to an Internet controlled Raspberry Pi.