The Wheels of Tomorrow

by Colin Lee, Ralph Jenson, and Dan Holtz | at MinneBar 11 | 9:55 – 10:45 in Harriet | View Schedule

Vehicle technology is advancing in ways that are truly electrifying. From electric cars and buses to self-driving vehicles to apps for driving, there are so many great reasons to geek out about driving or not driving the vehicle of the future.

Our panel of five future vehicle experts will present micro talks followed by a Q&A discussion on the future of transport.

  • Plug-in Vehicles Market Developments by Jukka Kukkonen

  • Fast Charging Powering Our Future Driving by Matthew Blackler

  • Electric Transportation Impacting the Energy Sector by Ralph Jenson

  • Connected Car Technologies by Colin Lee

  • Driving the Self Driving Car by Dan Holtz

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Colin Lee

Colin is an experienced software engineer specializing in Android development. He worked for Mozilla on the Firefox for Android rewrite. He has worked for many successful companies in the past fifteen years, including Amazon, Flipgrid (acquired by Microsoft), Cray, Pearson VUE, and When I Work. He runs the Twin Cities Kotlin User Group in his spare time. He now works full-time for Meetup and enjoys traveling the world during their generous paid time off.

He has been programming since he learned BASIC on the TRS-80 computer in his parents' basement at age six. He has been writing Android apps since soon after the first Android phone launched and has done so professionally since the last space shuttle landed. In that time, he's probably been pitched every silly app idea and been offered a percent stake in the zero dollars most actually earned.

Ralph Jenson

Geek. Start-up & technology guy, mentor. EV proponent and driver.

Dan Holtz

Virtualization engineer and Tesla enthusiast.