Hacker Trix - Exploits from the OWASP top 10

by Mike Benkovich | at MinneBar 11 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Challenge | View Schedule

Are you afraid? Should you be? Computer hacking isn’t a new thing, but the threat remains. In this attackers’ advantage and defenders’ dilemma, how do you keep your data and secrets safe? Today’s ever-changing technology landscape means that the fundamentals of writing secure code are more important than ever. In this session we’ll take a look at the secure development approach and go through the top exploits that you need to know about. We'll show how you can use .NET features to stop exploits before they happen. You don’t want to be at the center of the next media frenzy over lost data and compromised records, or lose your customers’ confidence and trust in how you do business. From injection attacks and cross-site scripting, to security misconfiguration, we’ll look at the hacker's psyche and show how they think, and learn what we can do to build more secure software.


Mike Benkovich

Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist, entrepreneur and current Improver who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website www.benkotips.com provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on twitter @mbenko