How to hire college talent that doesn't jump ship after 9 months

by Philip Xiao | at MinneBar 11 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Discovery | View Schedule

Do you think millennials are lazy and entitled kids who can't hold jobs longer than a year? Maybe it has something to do with how you hire and the exposure/mentorship/general learning opps you offer.

On-campus recruiting is horribly broken. Limited HR budgets force employers to recruit from a handful of target schools. Students from "non-target" schools need to network their way into career opportunities but unfortunately "networking" to young people sounds like emailing strangers asking for jobs. All of this results in companies missing out on great talent and young people working monotonous 9-5's at companies they don't believe in.

We'll be sharing insights we've gained from our deep dive into the graduate recruiting market and how employers can best rebrand themselves to young people.

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Philip Xiao

Cofounder and CEO of Homi, a marketplace for students, alumni and companies. Maker of the best Chinese food in Minnesota.