Creating a regional investment fund ... from scratch

by Patrick Donohue, Kevin Spreng, and Jeffry Brown | at MinneBar 11 | 2:45 – 3:35 in Gandhi | View Schedule

Founding shareholders of Hill Capital Corporation will share the vision of creating a regional investment fund to invest in growing small businesses.

Hill Capital Corporation was founded in honor of one of our most successful local entrepreneurs - James J. Hill. Not only did Mr. Hill create a significant business (Great Northern Railway), he was a tremendous community builder.

Learn about the inspiration that motivated entrepreneurs to come together in an effort to organize a fund that will invest in growing small businesses and support entrepreneurship throughout the Empire Builder Corridor. We will host a discussion about the funding gaps that exist in business finance and how we can come together as a community to provide a solution.

Founding Shareholders: James J. Hill Center Kevin Spreng John Bergstrom Jeanne Voigt Galen Vetter Jeff Brown Patrick Donohue

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THINKING DIFFERENTLY - ENTREPRENEUR - CREATE POSITIVITY - INVESTOR Jeff has spent his career starting, leading, leaving and coaching businesses, after first working at Apple in that company's early years where he worked directly with Steve Jobs on creating the companies future and culture. He is one of the founding members of Hill Capital and coaches entrepreneurial businesses in growth strategy and culture.

Life long teacher and learner never looking back but always looking forward. Not retired but re-fired to help others find and enjoy their purpose.