—cancelled— Reducing unconscious bias in tech interviewing.

by Ted | at MinneBar 11 | 2:45 – 3:35 in Texas | View Schedule

This talk and Q/A will cover below topics.

How Does Bias Affect Our Actions? Our bias affects us and our decision-making processes in a number of different ways: • Perception – how we see people and perceive reality. • Attitude – how we react towards certain people. • Behaviors – how receptive/friendly we are towards certain people. • Attention – which aspects of a person we pay most attention to. • Listening – how much we actively listen to what certain people say. • Micro-affirmations – how much or how little we comfort certain people in certain situations.

How does Bias Affect our recruiting/ interviewing process? • Beauty Bias • Affinity Bias • Halo Effect • Similarity Bias • Contrast Effect • Conformation Bias

Tips and tricks to help us reduce these as we recruit, interview and hire tech talent.

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