Write Prettier Code (with Jade, Sass and a GUI)

by Lemon 🍋 | at MinneBar 11 | 11:45 – 12:35 in Learn | View Schedule

You could be writing prettier code, and you could be writing it faster.

If you've been curious about preprocessors like Jade and Sass but never had the time to learn how to use them, this 50 minute session should get you started. We're going to be looking at Jade (an HTML preprocessor) and Sass (a CSS preprocessor) and how to use both to write cleaner, more modern code that will comply to browsers standards without you thinking about it.

Change styles and layouts in a fraction of the time, minify code for quicker page load, get a better grasp of the DRY principle, and best of all, never touch the command line. This is a GUI-only approach.


Lemon 🍋

Working as the lead developer of a downtown agency, Lemon spends a whole lot of time making websites. Like, over a hundred of them. Large sites for clients like General Mills and the Minnesota Wild, and small sites like damn.dog and idiots.win.

He also hosts a podcast called The F Plus which is probably not appropriate for your particular workplace.