Across the Spectrum: UX Meets IoT

by David Quimby and Lukas Johnson | at MinneBar 10 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Aggregated computing becomes distributed computing... distributed computing becomes "hyper-distributed" computing. Monolithic content becomes granular content... granular content becomes hyper-granular content. As computing form factors march relentlessly from desktop / laptop to tablet, smartphone, and now the "Internet of Things", user interface paradigms respond accordingly.

Join us in exploring the transition between previous form factors / technology generations and extending the underlying principles of those transitions to IoT -- particularly human-scale IoT.

  • Hyper-distributed computing brings unique UX challenges / opportunities relative to other topologies

  • Human factors at human scale brings unique UX challenges / opportunities relative to other types of hyper-distributed computing

We'll present a case study of Adaptive Avenue -- an emerging hypermedia platform for automatic viewing of personalized Web content and an experiment in non-traditional media at human scale.

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David Quimby

I am a mathematical economist and systems analyst. I have rotated through various cycles at the extremes of large enterprise and small enterprise as a technology executive and a software entrepreneur. My expertise includes knowledge management, technology forecasting, and systematic innovation; I am also a thought leader in the application of systems engineering to organizational design.

I have conducted business process re-engineering (BPR) in the large-enterprise domain and I have led large-scale technical integration in the context of mergers and acquisitions. I am a co-founder of Minnesota Change Management Network (MNCMN); I have presented to professional communities on various topics around data science, product management, business architecture, and systems engineering. I am a patented inventor in the user experience and Web middleware domain; I collaborated with Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the graphical user interface (GUI), at Stanford Research Institute.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics and developmental economics at UCLA and a master’s degree in organizational behavior and socio-technical systems at UC - Berkeley.

Lukas Johnson

Lukas Johnson is an MIS major at the Carlson School of Management and an intern at Adaptive Avenue, an emerging hypermedia platform for automatic viewing of personalized Web content. He is passionate about user experience at the intersection of emerging technologies / form factors.