DevOps in a box: a Vagrant-based continuous delivery pipeline on your workstation

by Charles Betz | at MinneBar 10 | 1:45 – 2:35 in Proverb-Edison | View Schedule

Learn DevOps automation techniques with the power of Vagrant. See a walkthrough of the GitHub-based Calavera project -- a complete Continuous Delivery pipeline on your own workstation! The project is based on Virtualbox with Vagrant and Chef scripts which build a local 6-node VM cluster:

  • A simple test-driven development environment including application (using Java, junit, ant, and Tomcat)
  • Local and central git instances
  • Commit-driven automated build via Jenkins
  • Artifactory package repository storage of final build package
  • "Production" environment deployment via Artifactory & Chef

The project is free for download from GitHub. It provides a "walking skeleton" solution for various problems with tool integrations, SSH keys, permissions, and so forth that can otherwise be a hassle to work through.

Hear also the motivations behind the project, intended as a microkernel of a larger enterprise IT simulation and currently in use for instructional purposes at the University of St. Thomas. Finally, provide feedback as to how the project should evolve! (Docker? MEAN stack? Monitoring? Ticketing?)


Charles Betz

Charlie Betz is the founder and CEO of Digital Management Academy LLC, a training, advisory, and consulting firm focused on Lean and empirical approaches to managing the “business of IT.”

He is currently leading the development of an open IT management standard with The Open Group IT4IT Forum.

He has served as a Chief Architect with AT&T, and previously Research Director for IT Portfolio Management at Enterprise Management Associates. He spent 6 years at Wells Fargo as VP and Enterprise Architect for IT Portfolio Management and Systems Management and held product owner and architect positions for Best Buy, Target, and Accenture.

He also serves as an instructor at the University of St. Thomas, currently responsible for the "IT Infrastructure Management" course.

He blogs at and is author of The Architecture of IT Management (formerly Architecture and Patterns for IT) and co-author of several works with Lean collaborators and for ISACA’s COBIT.

Charlie lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Sue and son Keane.