Supporting tech innovators in MSP

by Matt Lewis | at MinneBar 10 | 2:45 – 3:35 in Tackle | View Schedule

How can the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region better support innovative people in the technology community? We think that's a question the entire region should be asking by handing the mic to those very people and making their challenges everyone's challenges. Because we'll all benefit from shared prosperity.

Our regional economy is capable of producing tens of thousands of new jobs by 2020 that we don't have the talent to fill. At the heart of this looming workforce gap is tech talent. It's leading to a lot of exciting efforts to develop talent at all points of the human capital pipeline. But then we also need to do a much better job retaining those people and attracting other talented tech professionals from around the world.

We won't be able to do that if this isn't a place where people are able to thrive. We need innovative people to step forward and tell the rest of the community—be it companies, policy makers, educators, neighbors, whomever—what needs to happen to ensure tech professionals can reach their full potential here.

A growing assortment of partners across all of our sectors are increasingly committed to supporting innovative people. But they don't have the solutions. They need to hear from you. Whether you are a tech entrepreneur, freelancer, or innovator within a major institution, this is an opportunity to step up and set the agenda.

We hope that participating in this session will make a significant impact in the development of an emerging cross-sector, region-wide talent initiative to make a great place even greater.

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