Reactive Extensions: Beyond the Basics

by Dan Lew | at MinneBar 10 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Gandhi | View Schedule

Do you already know the basic observer pattern of reactive extensions and want to take it a step further? Have you been working with reactive code for a couple months but have some lingering questions? Then this is the talk for you!

I'll go over some of the lessons I've learned after using RxJava for a while, such as:

  • Subscription management
  • Hot vs. cold Observables
  • Sharing Observables
  • When to use Subjects
  • Custom Operators
  • Backpressure
  • ...And maybe more (as I think of things to say)!

(Though the talk will have a basis in RxJava, by the nature of reactive extensions the knowledge can apply to any platform's implementation.)


Dan Lew

Dan Lew has code in his DNA and has been speaking since he was two years old. He's focused these skills on development for the past decade, working on many large applications (FlightTrack, Expedia, Trello) as well as maintaining some open source libraries and applications. Currently he works on the circular economy at Rheaply.

When not speaking, he's silent.

You can contact him on Twitter or read his website.