Think Different On Your Go To Market Strategy- $2.5 Capital Raise - $1 Million a Month in Orders before Launch - case study

by Jeffry Brown | at MinneBar 10 | 10:15 – 11:05 in Stephen Leacock | View Schedule

This is a case study on how not doing sameness by developing a 'Think Differently' go to market strategy got this Minnesota based startup $2.5 million in capital and in excess of $1 million a month in orders before it launched. You will hear the process used to create a strategy that is slated to disrupt a multi-billion dollar market and will be generating in excess of 4 million dollars a month in revenue at the end of year two with already signed orders.

If you're an entrepreneur that has a great idea you should hear this story and look at evaluating your go to market strategy. You will learn how looking at your market and how existing companies in that market are positioned, can be turned to your advantage.

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Jeffry Brown

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THINKING DIFFERENTLY - ENTREPRENEUR - CREATE POSITIVITY Jeff has spent his career starting, leading, leaving and coaching businesses, after first working at Apple in that company's early years where he worked directly with Steve Jobs on creating the companies future and culture.

Life long teacher and learner never looking back but always looking forward. Not retired but re-fired to help others find and enjoy their purpose, like he has been blessed to have accomplished.