Top 10 Tech Law Developments This Year

by Damien Riehl | at MinneBar 10 | 3:45 – 4:35 in Tackle | View Schedule

What are some of the most important technology law developments over the past year? Notable lawsuits and legislation span areas that include privacy, social media, copyright, patents, trademarks, security, licensing, and cloud computing. A technology litigator will discuss the evolving tech law landscape, as well as trends that will likely continue to affect technologists in the coming year. Attorney Damien Riehl frequently speaks and writes on legal topics that affect businesses, including the legal implications of the Internet and technology.

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Damien Riehl

Damien Riehl Damien Riehl is a lawyer and technologist with experience in complex litigation, digital forensics, and software development. A coder since 1985 and for the web since 1995, Damien clerked for the chief judges of state and federal courts, practiced in complex litigation for over a decade, has led teams of cybersecurity and world-spanning digital forensics investigations, and has led teams in legal-software development. An appointee of the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles, he has helped recommend changes to Minnesota statutes, rules, and policies — all related to connected and autonomous vehicles. At SALI, Damien has greatly expanded a taxonomy of over 10,000 legal tags that matter, helping the legal industry's development of AI and analytics. At Fastcase, Damien helps lead the design, development, and expansion of Fastcase's various products, integrating AI-backed technologies to improve legal workflows and to power legal data analytics. In 2019, Damien gave a TEDx Talk about his All the Music project, which to date has computationally composed over 400,000,000,000 (400B) melodies, has written them to disc (fixed in a tangible medium), and has given the public access through Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which provides rights similar to rights to works in the Public Domain. Arguably improving copyright law through legal decisions that appeared to draw upon his TEDx Talk's arguments.