The Changing World of Publishing

by Charles Edge | at MinneBar 10 | 10:15 – 11:05 in Discovery | View Schedule

When I wrote my first book on OS X Server, it was printed and shipped, and one day I saw the book randomly show up in a Barnes and Noble. And that was the only way books got published. One day, my publisher told me to start a blog, which I begrudgingly did. 3,000 posts and 12 books later, the publishing industry has completely changed. In this session we'll go through why to publish content, how to publish content, where to publish content and if you actually want to get published in print, where to do that. I only know anything about technical publishing, so of course, we'll be talking about that and not how to be the next Hermann Hesse. Although who knows...

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Charles Edge

Charles has been breaking Apple products since gnawing on an Apple II as a child. Professionally, he worked with Apple products while working in labs at the University of Georgia (LC era) and then took a break from the platform while working with Unix and Windows servers at Andersen Consulting. Charles started back up with Mac OS and Apple server offerings again in 2000, when he joined 318 Inc, a consulting firm in Santa Monica, California, which under his guidance as Chief Technology Officer became the largest Mac consultancy in the world at the time. Charles is now a Product Manager for JAMF Software, where he manages their latest offering (link), providing Mobile Device Management for smaller organizations.

Charles writes a number of books, primarily about Apple security, deployment, scripting and server technologies. Charles also has a personal/technical site, at link.