Mastering Generative AI for Newbs, Nerds, and Skeptics

by Louis Abramowski | at Minnebar 18 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Theater | View Schedule

If you aren't already using AI in your daily life for virtually everything, I get it.

Maybe you have been reading very obvious AI-generated copy in emails and blog posts and thinking to yourself "I can't believe people are really fooled by this soulless drivel."

Or maybe you tried it yourself and it predictably produced the exact soulless drivel you've been reading in those blogs and emails.

Well buckle up, because I'm going to show even the biggest skeptics how to use AI to generate copy, images, video, music, code, and combinations of it all that might just rescue you or your company from that next 5 figure invoice that could've been done with AI in 5 minutes.

We'll dive into real-world examples, trade secrets, and hands-on exercises that will help you rewrite that pesky email, design eye-catching product packaging, write a script for a viral TikTok, automate your social media, build a million-dollar business (seriously), and everything in between.

This will be a casual, interactive session to put AI to the test. So bring some creativity. Or don't. You'll be shocked to see how AI will bring it for us.

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Louis Abramowski

Lou Abramowski or -- as he's known to many -- "Hot Lou" has spent the last 20 years building startups from (the biggest family management tool on the web) to 8thBridge (MN Cup 2009 Grand Prize winner, acquired in 2014) to today Evergreen (a social media automation tool for SMBs).

He's also helped build gigantic social media communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, etc. for billion dollar brands like Jack Link's Beef Jerky and the Minnesota Vikings, to just a couple thousand for small non-profits like Simon Says Give, to hundreds of thousands for obscure children's entertainers like Twig the Fairy.

Outside of the software startup and marketing world, he's a national and world championship ultimate player and coach.

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