🐍 Battlesnake: Learn, Build, Duel! 🐍

by Misha Hawthorn | at Minnebar 18 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Nokomis | View Schedule

I love Battlesnake! I was introduced to it a year ago at a convention and since then I've been telling everyone I know about it. You build and host a live web server, your Battlesnake, which responds to calls from a "game board" web server. It's a fun way for folks to engage in programming at a wide range of skill levels, in an entertaining arena with others!

In this workshop I'll provide an overview of how Battlesnake works and jump into a live workshop where you may create and take home your very own Battlesnake if you choose. For those who may have begun working on a Battlesnake or already have one we may be able to host some friendly competitions, but the focus will be collaborating and pairing to build and refine a Battlesnake. If you would like to participate please bring a laptop.

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Misha Hawthorn

Misha (they/she) is passionate about leveraging technology to empower people and foster positive change that enhances relationships and communities. When they're not staring at screens Misha enjoys geocaching and adventuring with her husband, and spending time with cats Mousey and Cicero. (blog) (github)

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