Google Sheets + AI, the new Brainstorming, and Custom GPTs

by Jeffrey Williams | at Minnebar 18 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

Google Sheets + AI, the new Brainstorming, and Custom GPTs

A talk in 4 parts.

Part 1. Lots of AIs in Google Sheets

The blank spreadsheet is sitting there with cell boundaries boxing in the emptiness, the equations still to be written, the data still to be gathered, and the data analysis far in the future. When will your weekend ever begin, you wonder silently...

Just then you look over and see someone chatting with a large language model, smiling, as an AI model does all of their work for them.

Are you feeling left out of the AI Chat game, as a spreadsheet user?

The solution: 1 Google Sheets + 7 AI models

This is easier than you might think, attend to see how to connect multiple AIs to Google Sheets via Apps Script, and that's just the beginning. AppsScript works with Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc,

Part 2. The New Brainstorming: LLMs as a thought partner (in Sheets)
  • LLMs as a problem-solving partner through the "invert, always invert" principle
  • NOT forecasting: Backcasting from an idealized future
  • Entering 1 input and getting multiple outputs from different LLMs, building off each other, etc
  • The New Brainstorming (you won't want to miss this)
Part 3. Custom GPTs
  • How to make your own Custom GPT to help you question your assumptions, and to connect it to a third party API
  • How I'm learning more by being asked questions (by my Custom GPTs)
Part 4. Will AI do bad things

The potential of AI will be balanced with both practical and theoretical concerns about current large language models.

  • Attribution
  • Bias
  • Copyright
  • Ghost work
  • Hallucination
  • Lack of Transparency

Bonus: Stay to the end to talk with a Custom GPT, live, that can talk to DNS, and maybe we can call a voicebot.

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Jeffrey Williams

I presented a lecture at the UC Tech 2022 conference: "How Long Until the Robots are Teaching?", and then 2 months later ChatGPT was released.

Attend my talk to hear what I've been thinking and testing related to AI.

Jeffrey Williams, Tech Lead, Berkeley IT & Project Lead, Trust Berkeley Mail Project University of California, Berkeley

GDG Cloud Twin Cities organizer

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