Bazzite: The Next Generation of Linux Gaming

by Noel Miller | at Minnebar 18 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Learn | View Schedule

Topics discussed in this talk:

  • Discuss the current state of gaming on PC (and handhelds)
  • Why use Bazzite for gaming instead of Windows
  • Why Bazzite is the best choice
  • Hardware demo of Bazzite running on a Steam Deck and a Home Theater PC (HTPC)

What is Bazzite?

Bazzite is a custom image built upon Fedora Atomic Desktops that brings the best of Linux gaming to all of your devices - including your favorite handheld.

It is built with the intention to make using Linux for gaming as approachable as possible and provide an improved experience of SteamOS that can run anywhere.

Bazzite supports many devices including:

  • Desktop, Laptop, and HTPCs
    • Specific Specialized Driver support for:
    • Framework Laptop
    • Surface Laptop
    • ASUS Laptop
  • Steam Deck LCD (OLED currently in development)
  • Lenovo Legion Go
  • Asus ROG Ally
  • GPD Devices
  • AYN Devices

Why you should come to this talk

We're going to have some fun playing some video games on Linux!

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Noel Miller

Noel Miller is a Systems Administrator, Technical Account Manager at Red Hat, and the Project Manager and a Core Contributor at Universal Blue.

He has been working in IT for a little over 10 years, with most of his career being focused on Small and Medium Size businesses. He recently joined Red Hat as a Technical Account Manager with a focus on Ansible.

He is the Project Manager and a Core Contributor at Universal Blue. Universal Blue builds a diverse set of continuously delivered operating system images using Fedora Atomic Desktop's support for OCI/Docker containers. That's nerdspeak for the ultimate Linux client: the reliability of a Chromebook, but with the flexibility and power of a traditional Linux desktop.

Outside of his IT endeavors, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, heavy metal music, and playing guitar.

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