The Future of Energy and the 40X Problem.

by David Koerner | at Minnebar 18 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Nokomis | View Schedule

In the next decade, it is predicted that the rising energy demands of AI, EVs, and sustainable energy will require millions of new tech workers and thousands of new billion dollar companies. The US power grid is going to need to be almost completely reimagined and rebuilt. New energy sources must be found, developed, and dispatched, and doing so requires hardware, software, and business models that do not exist today.

This is called the 40X problem.

This rapid-fire summary will highlight developments in solar, wind, hydrogen, nuclear, and geo power, suggesting what the future of energy might look like and the enormous opportunity it presents for technologists: founders, engineers, designers, marketers, and policymakers.

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David Koerner

David is a marketing nerd. His natural habitat consists of early to mid-stage, fast-growing tech companies or challenger brands. By day he works for an award winning Bill Gates-backed cleantech company,, and speaks about the many marketing and messaging problems of climate change and the sustainability movement. By night, he is asleep.

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