Amazon Primer

by Kisha Delain and Levi McCormick | at Minnebar 18 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Proverb-Edison | View Schedule

Curious about AWS? Not sure where to start? Wondering what things we wish someone told us when we started in AWS? This session will cover some of the AWS services you might want to learn about and use as someone new to the AWS ecosystem. For beginners new to development and people new to AWS! We'll touch on the core functions that many businesses use, and talk about some things to watch out for.

Classic meme of Zelda getting the sword, and being told


Kisha Delain

Kisha is a Sr. Software Engineer at Patterson Companies. Things she loves: digging into stakeholder use cases, figuring out how business logic turns into code requirements, learning yet another programming language. She likes to use the appropriate tools for the job, and she liked the fancy sander for smoothing off edges enough that she bought one for herself. Don't ask her about flying planes because she won't shut up about it.

Levi McCormick

Recovering DevOp now cosplaying as a Director of Engineering.

Levi has spend the last ~20 years in tech at various levels and roles, doing everything from phone support to training and mentoring, architecture and application design, requirements gathering and customer engagement, and even taking out the trash on Fridays. He is very passionate about developer experience and leveraging cloud platforms to 10x all engineers.

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