Future-proofed product design from 20 years of NPS lessons learned

by Hugh Murphy | at Minnebar 18 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Discover | View Schedule

The Net Promoter System has been around now for two decades and the much maligned metric behind it's original adoption, called Net Promoter Score, is often the headline story. Bad implementations of NPS sometimes just measure the score using surveys, treating it like a vanity metric, and can have little to do with improving customer experience.

In reality, asking customers how, what and WHY they feel about your brand can be a transfornational source of design input for your experiences, but also for diverse teams right across your organization including very operational folks like logistics and manufacturing. Flowing customer insights daily to your people can help genuinely instill a love for your customers that will affect the bottom line.

Hugh Murphy is an entrepreneur and marketing leader and previously led the team that created the Customer Experience Improvement System at 3M. This enterprise implementation of Net Promoter was recognized as "doing CX right" and led to transformative increases in customer experience and over 1000 people reading customer feedback daily and acting on it.

Join Hugh for a discussion on how to make CX a game changer for your teams.


Hugh Murphy

Hugh grew up in Northern Ireland, where he was a teenage entrepreneur, first propagating and selling plants, later wholesaling school supplies, and later as a music journalist and promoter with a weekly column in a national newspaper by the time he was 18, and left for the UK to study Electronic Systems Engineering.

He buckled down for a 30-year stretch on a more traditional career path, but the tech degree just made him a more inquisitive sales and marketing guy in BT (the UK telco) and sent him off on a path that would travel through 22 countries, a bunch of M&A and start-up roles, and eventually led after business school to a 19-year stint at 3M Company through a variety of digital, marketing and business leadership roles.

Hugh's simple maxim as a marketer was learned 30 years ago and repeatedly validated ever since: figure out why your customers will buy from you, now, and in the future.

Most recently out of 3M headquarters in Minnesota, Hugh led a team that bootstrapped a $30m program to bring the Net Promoter System approach to 3M, ending up with 1000+ people across functions and continents using customer feedback every day to prioritize CX improvements. He learned a phenomenal amount about experience, but also in driving organizational change and selling investment cases. He also had the incredible privilege to work with some of the original creators of the NPS methodology which came out of Bain and Company, and attend the 20th birthday celebration for NPS last Spring in Boston.

His time in CX is where Hugh internalized the other big part of his philosophy: Treat your team and your customers as you would like to be treated yourself.

Hugh is an active entrepreneur through his regenerative food business Sauce North and his digital advisory firm Grá Works (Grá is the Irish word for Love). He also works as CMO and fractional CMO at Atomic Elevator where he helps clients leverage a powerful syndicate of experienced marketing talent through an innovative 'un-agency' model and some bleeding edge technology that makes knowledge accessible at entrepreneurial speed and scale.

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