Lightning Talks!

by Daniel Feldman | at Minnebar 18 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

If you'd like to talk at Minnebar but don't want to plan a full session, this is the place to be! Just show up with your topic and up to 3 slides. (Also fine if you have no slides!)

Your topic does not have to be tech-related! Just something you'd like to share with the group.

Previous talks have included: Vegan Cooking, React -> Regret, How to Encourage Open-Source Contributors, Mental Health in Tech, Stock Trading Algorithms, and many other diverse topics.

We will organize lightning talks SHORTEST to LONGEST. So if you just want to discuss one quick thing, you're likely to get in. If you want 10 whole minutes, you might not get a chance, depending on how long the other lightning talks go. The best lightning talks are really quick!

You do not have to sign up in advance! You can just show up. But signing up will help us plan the time better.


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Daniel Feldman

I'm a software engineer working on open source network security stuff. Follow me @d_feldman on twitter, @dfeldman on BlueSky, or on Mastodon.

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