Entrepreneur Panel: Maximizing Value from a Mentor

by Mark Capaldini, Nick Wassenberg, Andrew Mathias DeLeeuw, and Mary Kay Ziniewicz | at Minnebar 18 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Each member of this panel is currently using a mentor and has found it valuable. They will discuss their experience in a formal mentoring program and will address these issues:

• Why consider having a mentor? • How does a mentor differ from other advisors and investors? • What should you look for in a mentor or in a mentoring program? • What is an example of your mentor’s impact on your decision making? • What does a good mentor do and not do? • How has your mentor changed how you think about your business? • What is your cadence for meeting with your mentor?

A good mentor provides unvarnished, straight guidance and feedback shaped by experience and motivated by a pure desire to see the entrepreneur succeed.

We believe that this discussion will benefit any entrepreneur considering a mentor or mentoring program. We hope it will provide specific and actionable guidance. The panel moderator will conduct an “open Q&A” session for the final 10-15 minutes of the session.


Andrew DeLeeuw, President & CEO, DOCSI, “Transforming Healthcare Supply Chain through Seamless Physician Engagement,” www.docsihealth.com

Mary Kay Ziniewicz, Founder & CEO, Bus Stop Mamas, “On-Demand Workforce Engagement Tool Connecting Businesses with an Untapped Pool of High-Level Talent – Moms,” www.busstopmamas.com

Nick Wassenberg, CEO, Cludo, “Provides Delightful Search and Discovery Experiences to Unlock Mission-Critical Information,” www.cludo.com


Mark Capaldini, is a MESA (Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory) Mentor with extensive B2B SaaS experience.

All levels

Mark Capaldini

Director and Trustee | Business Advisor | MESA Mentor | Red Cross Volunteer | 3x President and CEO

Career mostly in B2B SaaS, both in the Washington, DC metro area and in the MSP metro area. I have been a CEO, CEO Advisor, CEO Coach, and Board Director. My various past roles allow me to be a sounding board, peer, resource, coach, confidential advisor, and "nudge."

I've led companies with revenues $5-50 million. Also held senior roles in companies with revenues over $1 billion. My perspective and value add derive from actual operating experience.

BS, Engineering & Applied Science, Yale. MBA, Harvard Business School.


Nick Wassenberg

CEO Cludo www.cludo.com -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickwassenberg/

First Minnebar: 2012!

Andrew Mathias DeLeeuw

President and CEO - DOCSI / Navy Veteran / Cycling Enthusiast

I have spent most of my career working in small highly specialized teams bringing new ideas and technology to market.

BS, Health Care Administration, UWSP. MBA, Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business.


Mary Kay Ziniewicz

For over 25 years, Mary Kay built groundbreaking intrapreneur programs that received international acclaim while she served in C-level marketing positions in professional service firms. Prior to that, Mary Kay worked in advertising and promotional agencies where she worked on high profile consumer goods accounts to include Got Milk™. Ask Mary Kay about meeting Britney Spears! Now, Mary Kay built Bus Stop Mamas--a workforce tech platform that gives employers access to sidelined talent—moms. Bus Stop Mamas is a is transforming organizations, families, and the economy—at once and with one click. Mary Kay and her husband Keith are Ohio natives, have been married for over 24 years and love living in Minnesota. In 2006, the couple became parents and their lives changed forever. Keith left his career as a commercial sculptor to be a stay-at-home dad. When their daughter was 10, Keith was itching to get back to his career and Mary Kay brought her marketing and branding consulting firm in-house. This is when “the mama problem” was identified. Standing at the bus stop with incredible moms who, like her husband, forfeited promising careers to care for their children. Businesses need this incredible talent, and so does the world. Bus Stop Mamas was conceived, and now born. Honors and Awards: Google for Startups and Fueled Collective, 2019, Fellow Beta.MN Fall 2019, Showcase Winner Twin Cities Business, 2019, Voted Top 7 Startups to Watch Twin Cities Business Journal, 2019, Voted Top 20 Start Up Innovation Grant, MN Launch 2020, 2022

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