10 Diagrams to get your $hit together

by Jade Barker | at Minnebar 18 | 1:00 โ€“ 1:45 in Theater | View Schedule

Real life examples/tools from a Startup founder that has to solve absurdly complex things from a living. I'll show you the evolution of my ugly ducklings to stuff thats setting some standards and you can apply to your gig. Things Like;

  • How to turn a User Flow into a Swimlane across different entities
  • WTF is a Wire-Flow, did you make up that word Jade?
  • DIY Heatmap of which things are on fire, when you run 7 things at once
  • Likeable is just a 2x2 of Trustworthy vs Credible
  • And Some other stuff I poke at frequently
All levels

Jade Barker

Warrior Princess of Tech - I use a wacky title because it saves me hassles

Fintech Cofounder at Silicon Prairie, Founded in 2016 We're mostly Technologists that had to become Investment Bankers Proprietary Software, plus three regulated Financial Institutions We've done about $50 Million worth of deals as of Mar 2024

  • Co-Founder of a Blockchain 501(c)(3) - 2014
  • Investment Crowdfunding Portals - 2016
  • Smart Contract Document Stack Geppetto - 2017
  • SEC Transfer Agency - 2018
  • FINRA Broker Dealer - 2020
  • Adjunct Professor for Blockchain Graduate Computer Science - 2023
  • SEC/FINRA Alternative Trading System ("ATS") - 2023

Feel free to reach out on Linkedin, just mention Minnebar. We have FREE online Open Office hours every Friday around 10 am, link in my linkedin profile summary;

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