Social Media Utopia? A session about "the fediverse", Mastodon, and the promise of ActivityPub

by Martin Grider | at Minnebar 17

This will be partly just a meetup to chat casually and discuss the things we love (or don't!) about Mastodon and "the fediverse" more generally. Martin will give a short talk about ActivityPub and the open source software that empowers Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, and so many other social projects, more generally. He'll share a bunch of links and touch on how you can get involved the free and open source social universe.

Who this session is for: - Anyone already excited by the prospect of decentralized social media – created by the people, for the people. - Anyone who has heard of Mastodon and/or the fediverse, but doesn't understand what all the fuss is about and/or just wants to learn more. - Folks who just want to meet other fediverse users and grow their networks. - Developers looking to learn more about how they can get involved in making the internet a better and more connected experience.

What we'll talk about in this session: - What is "the fediverse", and why is it so much better than existing social media? - What is ActivityPub, and what does it mean for social networks?

What this session will not be about - Twitter and/or Elon - the capitalist dystopia

Hopefully there will be a whiteboard, and anyone who wants to can add their social media handles. Let's talk about the future of social networks!

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Martin Grider

Martin Grider is a game designer and developer who also does contract software development (mostly native iOS). He releases games periodically at Abstract Puzzle, and writes about game development on his blog at Find him on mastodon at