OAuth 2.0 for Browser Based / Single Page Applications

by Jesse Estum | at Minnebar 17 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Discover | View Schedule

OAuth 2.0 is the de facto industry standard for authentication and authorization on the web. Patterns are well understood for traditional, server-side rendered applications (e.g., Spring Boot/Spring MVC based apps) but what about a modern Single Page Applications?

This talk will focus on patterns for delivering a modern user experience via browser browser based applications while also maintaining security in an OAuth 2.0 model.


Jesse Estum

Jesse is a pragmatic hands-on technical architect and software engineer at a large Twin Cities area healthcare company. His interests include application & system security, software failures, performance/tuning/optimization problems, designing for high availability & resiliency, platform engineering, and wood--to just a few. Jesse holds a MS in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota and lives in the Twin Cities area with his lovely wife and four year old boy/girl twins.