Quantum Computing in MN

by Scott McKuen and David Radcliffe | at Minnebar 17

Join us for a group discussion about quantum technologies! The Minnesota Quantum Computing community is starting regular meetups again - now's a great time to get involved.

Know something, or want to know something, about quantum computing, quantum networking and sensing, quantum information science, different types of qubit hardware, weird effects of superposition and entanglement, software APIs for simulating devices? Let's talk about it!

There are hundreds of quantum startups around the world. What kinds of projects are happening in quantum around the Upper Midwest?

Could the Twin Cities become a regional hub for this area of tech? Or is quantum still mostly theoretical?

Exact topics TBD until you come open the box.

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Scott McKuen

Math and Physics geek from Iowa - Iowa State, then UIUC. Twenty+ years in Silicon Valley, then moved back to the Midwest for a better quality of life. Lots of previous work in AI/ML and finance.

David Radcliffe

I am an organizer for the Minnesota Quantum Computing Meetup, and a cofounder and software developer for GogyUp. Our company develops assistive reading technologies for adult learners. I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.