🐬 Flipper Zero: The Hacking Multi-Tool Making a Splash on TikTok

by Alec Rippberger | at Minnebar 17 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Harriet | View Schedule

Harmless children's toy or serious pentesting tool? Let's dive into the Flipper Zero: a versatile hacking tool that has gained significant attention on social media platforms like TikTok.

The Flipper Zero boasts a CC1101 chip capable of reading, writing and emulating RFID and NFC cards and devices. It has a built in infrared transmitter and receiver, a Bluetooth radio, GPIO pins and MicroSD storage. This gives the Flipper Zero some serious wireless pentesting capabilities, all packaged in a sleek design featuring open-source firmware. Did I mention it has a Tamagotchi-esque Dolphin persona?

So, should you get one? Should you be concerned about J Random Hacker getting their hands on one? We will talk about what the Flipper Zero is actually capable of and assess its true risk to society. We will also cover legitimate uses for the Flipper Zero in cybersecurity and discuss how it can help expose vulnerabilities in existing systems. Finally, we will touch upon the vibrant community surrounding the Flipper Zero and its potential for innovation and growth.


Alec Rippberger

Alec Rippberger is a web software developer with a passion for creating and deconstructing digital systems. He's currently helping to build amazing digital products at Livefront.