Escape corporate. Go fractional.

by John Arms | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Tackle | View Schedule

Fractional work has become a new career option for professionals who have reached the wall of progress within the corporate structure. Seasoned executives and managers have volumes of value left to offer, more than ever before in fact, but due to corporate structure status quo it has no place to land. Those corporate ladders are extremely thin and shaky. Enter fractional, a career model where professionals can indeed deliver their entire repository of wisdom, guidance, clear decision marking and rock solid direction. But rather than offer it up to a single corporate entity, they deliver it to the next market down to three or four smaller businesses in fractions. The under 200m in revenue market. That’s 99% of our businesses so plenty of TAM floating around to serve. This is a much hungrier market for wisdom and direction, and a far more willing participant to utilize such a resource. Everyone has a story about how brilliant ideas die a long slow death in corporate America. Not because the ideas aren’t valuable, more so because larger Fortune 500 types simply don’t know how to handle them.

This discussion will open the aperture on the supply side and demand side of the Fractional talent economy. Led by John Arms, author and instructor of the Voyageur U Fractional Training Progam and founder of the Voyageur U fractional community.


John Arms

John Arms is a Practicing Fractional Marketing Executive and Fractional Talent author, speaker, connector, and teacher.