A Tale of Two Hybrids (the future vs. the status quo).

by Elliot Kohl and Amy Brown | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Louis Pasteur | View Schedule

Let's start with some universal workforce challenges:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Retaining top talent
  • Productivity
  • Equitable employee experience

Now let's add some status quo solutions:

  • Offer the most flexibility (like the 4 day work week or days you get to work from home)
  • Offer the best perks
  • Offer ice cream Fridays, no meeting Wednesdays, and a day off on your birthday (no - we're serious - we just saw all of these recently)
  • More days off
  • Benchmark with the competition
  • One and done trainings

And now let's scratch our heads wondering why we're not seeing improvements in our data... "But we offered them ice cream."..

Join us as we explore the social science of:

  • Engagement (hint - it's not ice cream - unless you're 7)
  • Stress (hint - flexibility won't help)
  • The myth of the average (it's why your car seat is adjustable)
  • A six year NIH + University of Minnesota longitudinal study on a revolutionary approach to work

This social science leads us to a contemporary solution to the challenges above.

Come learn about the difference between a Policy Based Hybrid Environment (something 99% of hybrid organizations are adopting) and a Performance Based Hybrid Environment (backed by social science).

Once you know you know - you'll be able to see which path your employer is currently on.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to alter course.

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Elliot Kohl

Adaptive Change Facilitator - Workplace Culture Consultant - Curriculum Builder - Teacher

Elliot has spent his entire professional career as an educator and facilitator. After a decade as a primary school teacher and half that time facilitating the learning experiences of new teachers, he was drawn to expand his impact on a global scale. As an adaptive change specialist, he has the reach to do just that.

Elliot is a curriculum-builder. Writer. An agent of change that he sincerely believes in and wants to see realized for anyone who has a job. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea that people should work the way most do today, which leads to feeling like true living comes only at retirement. There’s a better way!

Amy Brown

Amy is the client relations manager for CultureRx.