You Are Never to Old or Young to be an Entrepreneur

by Jeffry Brown | at Minnebar 17 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Proverb-Edison | View Schedule

How old do you need to be to be an entrepreneur? 20? 30? 40? Or 60? 70? 75? When you think about entrepreneurs, you might think about those who forgo the college experience to chase their dreams. However, the idea that all successful entrepreneurs are vivacious, twenty-somethings is a myth. In fact, a recent study showed that the average age of startup founders in three separate divisions was 45. Entrepreneurs have to be creative and passionate. These qualities do not have an age limit.

I started one of my current businesses, a restaurant in the middle of covid (what was I thinking) at 72, three years ago. It has never been easier to be an entrepreneur as it is today. Today in a few clicks you have a website in the cloud. You used to have to fly around to meetings, today, everyone is just a web conference away. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur than today, and you can start at any age.

Come learn and be part of the conversation on todays entrepreneurism.

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Jeffry Brown

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THINKING DIFFERENTLY - ENTREPRENEUR - CREATE POSITIVITY - INVESTOR Jeff has spent his career starting, leading, leaving and coaching businesses, after first working at Apple in that company's early years where he worked directly with Steve Jobs on creating the companies future and culture. He is one of the founding members of Hill Capital and coaches entrepreneurial businesses in growth strategy and culture.

Life long teacher and learner never looking back but always looking forward. Not retired but re-fired to help others find and enjoy their purpose.