Serverless as a mindset applicable to any tech stack

by Ben Kehoe | at Minnebar 17 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Learn | View Schedule

Serverless is a cloud buzzword, but at heart it's about something very valuable: assessing technology based on how well it lets you focus on solving your business problems. This approach leads to technologies like Functions as a Service and a reliance on fully-managed cloud services with certain properties (transparent scaling, scale-to-zero, fine-grained billing, etc.), but can be applied to evaluate the evolution of any application, no matter what technology it uses. In this session we'll discuss definitions of serverless, reasons to change technologies (like VMs to containers, or on-prem to the cloud), the threat of vendor lock-in, and adopting the serverless mindset.

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Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe is a cloud software engineer and AWS Serverless Hero, most recently at iRobot. His technical interests include serverless, identity and security, and Infrastructure as Code and DevOps, but his passion lies in the intersection of technology with people: how to choose technology and change organizational culture to enable better focus on solving business problems.