🧩 Fractionals Meetup Lite

by Victoria Schanen | at Minnebar 17 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Louis Pasteur | View Schedule

Fractional consulting - contracting part-time for multiple clients concurrently - has virtually exploded since the pandemic. With remote work becoming the norm and traditional “secure” jobs no longer being especially so, more and more people are flocking to the fractional path, for a combination of reasons.

✅ Flexibility - setting your own schedule and number of work hours ✅ Variety - being able to work with multiple interesting companies ✅ Specialty - doing what you love; the kinds of work you’re best at and enjoy the most ✅ Independence - being able to say no (i.e. being boss!!) ✅ Earning potential - ideally more “feast” than “famine” times

This session will be an informal meetup with light facilitation by Victoria Schanen. Reasons you might wanna join, though all are welcome. 1) You’re currently a fractional consultant and looking to meet other fractionals, share ideas across the board, find out what’s working, unpack challenges, and give and receive support. 2) You’re considering becoming a fractional consultant and want to meet people who’ve chosen this path to learn a bit about it. 3) You are a recently funded company founder who isn’t ready to hire expensive directors and vp’s but you need specialty expertise (HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.).

One caveat: this is not a teaching session or training program on how to be a fractional consultant, though the facilitator will share ideas, resources (including bootcamps), and help with “connecting dots” a bit.

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Victoria Schanen

Victoria Schanen is the founder of Ghrow.io, a consulting services firm specializing in fractional human resources and recruiting leadership for startups. Prior to launching Ghrow, Victoria served as an HR executive in three Twin Cities SaaS startup companies and also spent several years in technical recruiting. In her free time she performs comedy improv and is trying to improve her pickleball game.