📦☸️ An Application Developer’s Guide to Containers and Kubernetes

by Luke Schlangen | at Minnebar 17

What is Kubernetes, why do people keep talking about it, and do I need Kubernetes? What are all these words your coworkers are using? Docker? Containers? Orchestration? YAML? Let’s put an end to that FOMO. This talk will get you all caught up on why that DevOps friend of yours is so excited about Kubernetes.

An approachable talk about Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes that will give you just enough information to feel confident talking about them at dinner parties. (What? I don't know what your dinner parties are like!)

This will be an approachable talk for newer developers, but some coding experience will be helpful to understanding the more advanced concepts covered in the talk. It's a plus if you have ever failed to deploy something or yelled the words "But it worked on my machine!!"

If we're feeling it, we might even go ahead and deploy something live, because what could go wrong with a live demo?


Luke Schlangen

I am a Developer Advocate at Google. I am a co-founder of Code Championship. Most of what I work on involves code and education. I believe learning follows excitement.