History and uncertainty future of cryptography freedom in quantum #Meta verse

by Rich Graves | at Minnebar 17 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Florida | View Schedule

Now that Winter is Gone, this non-keynote talk, fully compliant in good humour, man, with the Code of Conduct, is for Midwesteros people with a hart who are naught littorally shtabby about the punishing of the Untouchables for technical infarctions wit here Lake Michigan or Bde Maka Ska beaches.

Recent local history reference: I have never smoked or edibles, but I have a great unpublished TikTok with a Capitol Police Officer about someone lighting up a skunky vape in the part of the Senate Gallery that is not closed due to construction errors when it became clear that the Great State of Minnesota was going to restore the right to vote to drug (and other) felons released from prison into the community on parole. SF26. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/bill.php?f=SF26&y=2023&ssn=0&b=senate

Taylor Swift was 7 years old when the PGP 5 source code was exported, in printed book form, via Brussels to the friendly NATO country of the Netherlands. C2's Sameer Parekh and I had to figure out how to navigate timely trains amidst Teardrops and Pings of Death to Alex DJ's flat near Amsterdam's red light district in the absence of Dave Del Torto, who allegedly snow-jobbed the SFO passport office. A few grams of ||ugh Daniel were subsequently shot into outer space along with a few grams of James Doohan, Majel, and Gene Roddenberry.

Or were they?

There was a weather delay.

The history of the Sunjammer flight is somewhat unclear. No complete public archive of the original cypherpunks mailing list appears to exist.

Photographs from a meeting we hosted at Stanford University at which Ian Goldberg, Lucky Green, Black Unicorn, and Phil Zimmerman discussed future developments in digital cash, as well as the curious case of domestic terrorist Jim Bell, will be discussed. As far as we know, we never met the author of I Was Never Here: My True Canadian Spy Story of Coffees, Code Names, and Covert Operations in the Age of Terrorism but did train other friendly secret police agents in Toronto.

At this writing, George Takei and William Shatner remain boldly on this planet.

As far as we know.

The post-Millennial generation and their demanding moms are invited to keep it weird with k8s, which is best described as one silly gray ducking joke gone too far.

No versions of GPT or GPG were harmed in the making of this entirely true story.

All levels

Rich Graves

Code that is not written does not bug the Navaho TikTokers foren[sic]ally.

Here's a murderer on a cot somewhere around Alameda County until at leased 2025, thanks in part to US.


This talk is for Midwesteros people with a hart who are naught littorally shtabby about the punishing of the Untouchables for technical infarctions.

I'm from San Diego. In other words, the source of references in Canadian spy Andrew Kirsch's book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58127599-i-was-never-here

Like our keynote speaker, please keep any arms and alms' crime tips safely under your hat. Chill. Chaos, Monkees, is a Netflix thing. Bugs literally suck like Sesame Street's Letter B Beetles. Like, that's the pre-NATO Admiralty Schema definition of Grace Hopper's nano-bug. https://netflix.github.io/chaosmonkey/