HIPAA & PII Compliant Analytics Solutions

by David Jenkins | at Minnebar 17 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Many will remember when Google first announced that it would phase out and remove all use of 3rd party cookie-tracking. While it was a paradigm shift for digital analytics, a field that was pretty much the wild west prior to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was not out of left field.

Fast forward 2 years and this deadline has now been pushed to 2024. This deadline extension provides marketers and analytics implementers more time to create a new user tracking solution that fits into the legal confines of CCPA & GDPR. The days of collecting any kind of data and asking about ethics later are pretty much over. What has emerged from the ashes is a strict and definitive framework that not only safeguards user data, it encourages new innovation among digital marketers. It encompasses the following tenets of data stewardship

We Look forward to showing you how to toe the line


David Jenkins

Co-founder of Uplift Analytic, a analytics based marketing agency focused on Lifesciences + medical device /lead gen marketing & tracking

I am passionate to diversely communicate digital value and analytics insights that drive conversions. From Adobe to Google Marketing Platform, data automation to cloud instances, I've done it and look forward to translating complex technical requirements to tangible services/products that move the needle.

8+ years architecting & delivering cutting edge solutions focused on: -Advanced GTM -Server-side GTM -GA4/Universal GA -Google Cloud + BigQuery -Data engineering + warehousing -GDPR -Adobe Launch

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