Replacing "Users" with People

by Jaiden Riordan and Owen Zimmerman | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Learn about Fyra's core design principle of treating our customers as humans instead of just users or generic personas. In this talk, we'll discuss how we've built a design system that incorporates real-world considerations to meets the needs of actual people, even at scale. Discover how we prioritize empathy and a people-centered approach in our work, and gain valuable insights into how to do the same for your own design projects.

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Jaiden Riordan

Hey 👋 I’m Jaiden, I use she/her and it/its pronouns

I’m from the beautiful Twin Cities, Saint Paul has been my home for almost two decades

I'm the COO at Fyra Labs, we're creating a better future through cutting-edge, open-source technology

Owen Zimmerman


I am Owen Zimmerman, I am a huge tech enthusiast, specializing in Hardware, Apple, and Enterprise IT.

I currently attend Dunwoody College of Technology, and work in Enterprise IT and video production. At Fyra Labs, I am the digital Media Specialist, and Client Relations Specialist, working very closely with clients and our community. I am very excited about this year's convention, as it is my first year attending Minnebar!

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